Rocket the Roller Skater
The New York Times "The puppeteers Steven Widerman and Susan Widerman Blog were very successful last year in tantalizing children with their production of "Franklin the Wizard." This season the pair's new show, "Harmony Castle," incorporates the sibling puppeteer's myriad talents: deft manipulation, of their handsome, well-dressed and handcrafted marionettes and a simple fairy tale enlivened with wry remarks." "Mr. Widerman shows off his singular puppeteering skills. Rocket for example, is a marionette who roller-skates as if he grew up in Central Park." -- Dulcie Leimbach   DAILY NEWS "The puppets are exquisitely designed and handled by The Puppet Company... who achieve remarkable results on a small stage." --Howard Kissel   NEW YORK WOMAN "Rocket, a blonde roller-skating teen who shakes and spins so deftly to rock & roll that the whole audience stood up and cheered." --Barbara Ensor   New York FAMILY "The marionettes, operated by the brother and sister puppeteer team Steven and Susan Widerman and storyteller puppeteer Linda Bookheim, are well-costumed and meticulously crafted. Children will find the special effects captivating." --Barbara Ensor