THE PUPPET COMPANY performs original shows of its own creation on 2 different stages.

Stage 1 rests on the floor and is for our two person shows. It is appropriate for birthday parties, corporate events, & small auditorums.

Shows performed on this stage are: Rocket & Friends, The Magic Book, and Franklin the Wizard.

Stage 1 - Featuring Al E. Gator

Stage 2 is our double bridge marionette stage. Shows on this stage require 4 to 5 puppeteers who perform on scaffolding that is 6' high. The total height of the stage is 10-12'. Shows on the double bridge marionette stage are appropriate for large rooms, halls, and auditoriums.

Shows performed on this stage are: Harmony Castle, Dragon Soup, The Al E. Gator Show, Attention, Earthlings, Lost and Found, and Surprise Party.

Stage 2 - Featuring The Gum Rappers